ISOMAT 20/360

Electropneumatic cutting and stripping machine

- stranded wires and cables up to 20 mm Ø
- flat ribbon cable up to 20 mm width
- Wire ropes up to approx. 6 mm Ø ( depending on material properties)
- Stripping length up to 360 mm can be distributed on both sides (also multi-stage)
- Stripping length on the right side theoretically infinite by repeated regripping
Product features:
- Robust mechanical design, therefore well suited for large quantities
- Pneumatic cutting and stripping unit
- Memory for data sets or programs
- Data input via user-friendly control
- Automatic cable monitoring
- Monitoring of additional devices (feeder, stacker) in case of malfunction, automatic shutdown of all devices optionally with roller or belt drive
- Position of up to two additional devices (e.g. intermediate stripping or printing) selectable via software
- Pluggable guides and knives in different sizes available.
The control offers the following functions:
- Direct and fast setting of length, number of pieces and speed via function keys
- Display of the running lengths and current number of pieces
- Different modes for printer connection or expanding stations selectable
- Control by external inputs & outputs or via RS232 possible
- Connections for external material feed and depositing devices
- Text output selectable in German, English, Japanese, Czech or French
- Error output in words
- Machine stops automatically at end of material or reached piece count
- Production data can be stored and recalled